Nelson P3 Subwoofer & Stand
Nelson P3 Subwoofer & Stand Nelson P3 Subwoofer & Stand Nelson P3 Subwoofer & Stand Nelson P3 Subwoofer & Stand Nelson P3 Subwoofer & Stand
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The Nelson bass extender + stand solution delivers intense bass performance for mini monitors, including all Harbeth P3ESR and BBC LS3/5A models, without compromising space. Its innovative design incorporates a Harbeth 5-inch drive unit and 50 watts of digital amplifier power, resulting in exceptional bass control, perfect integration and power output.

Remove the stress of stand selection by choosing Nelson – the ultimate Harbeth stand.

More bass in the same space

A high-performance design that produces dramatic bass without compromising space.

Power with control

With the sub-level control, the listener can adjust the bass up and down to suit personal preference, listening material and room characteristics.

A smart approach

The Nelson’s digital signal processing unit optimises the crossover frequency, phase and shape so the Nelson takes over seamlessly as the host speaker’s bass rolls off.

No test equipment or technical knowledge is needed to integrate Nelson into your system. It’s truly a plug-in-and-play system with only one control for bass level, which you can set to taste. 

Material Science

Inspired by the aviation industry, Nelson features the latest composite materials, providing high stiffness with low mass.

Technical Specifications

Digital bass extender optimised for use with Harbeth P3ESR, BBC LS3/5A or any unvented bookshelf loudspeaker unit.

Drive Units
110mm Harbeth-made bass drive unit in bandpass enclosure.

Frequency Response
35Hz – 75Hz, ±3dB free-space

Active, >5 kilohm transformer balanced input – presents virtually no load to main amplifier

Power handling

A fitted lead connects to the binding posts of the host loudspeaker

Power Supply
Requires 24V D.C. 2.5A power supply. 5.5 / 2.1mm, centre positive. Reverse polarity protected.

Height (+ 20mm with spikes)
730mm to top of speaker mounting plate

1145mm to top of P3ESR

970mm to P3ESR tweeter

350mm diameter

7.6kg each (without packing)

11.2kg each (with packing)

Base Colour

Sock Colour