Decibel T-Shirt
Decibel T-Shirt Decibel T-Shirt
$ 22.99
Domestic Shipping is $5 per shirt
*International buyers please note:
-shipping with insurance is $16 add $2 for each additional shirt

Available in Grey or Black, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Double Extra-Large or childrens/girls Baby-T (specify above). All shirts are American Apparel 100% OR Fruit Of The Loom 100% heavy cotton on the children's sizes.

The shirt sizes are as follows and are Length (from neck to bottom) and width (from armpit to armpit) and are in inches:

size: 10/12 L=20" W=16 1/2"

size: 14/16 L=21 1/2" W=17 1/2"

size: Small L= 24' W=17"

size: Medium L=26" W=19 /12"

size: Large L=27" W= 21"

size: XL L= 27" W= 24"

size: XXL L= 28" W= 26"

This is our company t-shirt that was worn by John Cusack in the movie High Fidelity (we supplied all the audio equipment in the film as well.)